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Tróia Casino

Troia Casino, inaugurated on the 1st of January 2011, will be the new hub for cultural activities in the reclassified Troia Peninsula, bolstering the area through the assorted selection of entertainment on offer- music, theatre, performances, street shows, DJs - for diverse audiences, turning Troia into the epicentre of entertainment and culture.

The new Casino will be about 4000m2 in size, and distinguished by bold contemporary architecture and by the ambitious and unique interior decor. The modern design of the gambling area will be highlighted and consists of 226 slot machines and 16 gaming tables. In the gambling area Amorim Turismo has acquired a technology, unique in Portugal, able to adapt- in real time- existing supply to demand, i.e., to the preferences of the client.

This sophisticated space will present an innovative multimedia project, based on a giant screen (170 m2) and three media spheres (with a diameter of about 3.5 meters).

The central bar is the entertainment focal point of the casino, working as both bar and stage, with multimedia animation by DJ's and VJ's held on a weekly basis to enliven the space.

The Troia Casino Entertainment Centre was designed by architects specialized in sound and light, and is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated technologies. It is a multipurpose space ready to host all kinds of events, functioning as a theatre, auditorium or dining hall.

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